Square Bites/$4.75 each

Half Dozen/$27  & Dozen/$51


Our cupcakes are what big cakes aspire to be!  A smaller bite of goodness with a big burst of flavor.  Great for personal enjoyment, meetings, parties, showers or any special event of your choice!

Banana - Let's go bananas!!  Our banana cupcake is so fresh, so moist and delicious.  It's like peeling back the banana peel..  Amazingly perfect, your family and friends will love it!!  Available Tuesdays & Saturdays


Carrot - Enjoy this amazing moist cake.  Truly a party pleaser.  Made with fresh hand grated carrots and other fresh chopped ingredients.  Just like grandma made.    Available Wednesdays - Saturdays


Chocolate - A chocolate lover's dream.  A super moist, extreme in your face chocolate cake, with an element of chocolate surprise.  Available Daily


Chocolate Peanut Butter - Take out the sliced bread!  If you love peanut butter and chocolate, this is it!  A smooth chocolate cake with creamy peanut buttery, finger licking, tongue pleasing icing,  umm umm good!      Pre-order Not in Rotation


German Chocolate - Hands down, a delicious, traditional rich tender cake with a to die for frosting.  Packed with fresh nuts and coconut, along with additional flavorings.  A taste of country.  

Available Wednesdays & Saturdays


Italian Cream - An incredibly delicious cake, full of flavor, made with the freshest ingredients.  You'd think the nuts were picked fresh off the tree.  A perfect dessert for any occasion.   Available Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays


Lemon - If you want lemon, here it is, an amazing, perfectly tangy lemon cake by far, made with fresh squeezed lemons.  Wow, what a treat!   Seasonal (March - September)/Fridays & Saturdays


Marble - It's about to get awesome!!  Delight yourself with the best of both flavors.   Our extraordinary "OMG" chocolate and white marble swirl cake.  It's deeeeelicious!  A crowd pleaser, layered with a mild chocolate lovers icing.  It's simply perfect for any occasion.  Pre-order Item/Not in Rotation

Oreo - Oooo Yeah!! For the real oreo lovers!  "It's not just a cupcake, it's personal."  If you love oreo, dig into this delectable moist chocolate goodness, with oreo flavor bursting throughout each delicious bite.  Paired with a oreo cream frosting!!  Available Tuesdays


Red Velvet - A decadent delight. The best red velvet cake you'll ever eat.  Your taste buds will be totally satisfied!!! Great holiday cake or an any time treat.  Available Daily


Strawberry - Strawberry Lovers, this strawberry cake features strawberries with a burst of flavor, simply moist and delicious, you will love it!!   Available Daily


Tuxedo - A taste of elegance.  A combination of a rich chocolate cake paired with a melt in your mouth butter cream icing.  This will be the ultimate way to add to your special day!  Available Daily


Wedding Cake - A spectacular delight!  You've never had anything like it. Super flavorful, made with the best ingredients, great for any occasion.  Available Daily

Dinky Bites/$30 per Dozen

A mini version of our square bites!  All flavors (excluding German Chocolate & Marble) are available in this  size.   Sold only by the dozen.

Round 6 inch Cakes Starting at $35

Round 8 inch Cakes Starting at $60


Pound Cakes/Seasonal

Perfect pound cakes for southern comfort!  Nothing can compare to the rich buttery made from scratch, pound cakes.  Featured flavors:

Blueberry - Made with fresh blueberries, this amazing cake can become a tradition in your home.  It's a touch of joy!

Lemon - Tantalizing lemon for the risk takers.  Great for any season, not just summer!

 Original Classic - great with morning coffee or afternoon tea!


                                                                             Available Fridays & Saturdays

                                   Vegan Square Bites

Available Tuesdays

Vegan Carrot

Vegan Chocolate with Vegan Cream Cheese Icing

Available Wednesdays

Vegan Banana

Vegan Chocolate with Vegan Chocolate Icing

Available Thursdays

Vegan Red Velvet

Vegan Chocolate with Vegan Peanut Butter Icing

Available Fridays

Vegan Oreo

Vegan Chocolate with Vegan Butter Cream Icing

Vegan Pumpkin - Seasonal (October 1 - November 30

                                                                                                     Available Daily